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You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Support groups are groups of people who share a common condition or difficulty, such as medical conditions, grief, or substance abuse. Members of such a group share their personal journey, comfort, support and advice based on their own experiences. These groups are often run by nonprofit organizations, hospitals, clinics or other established organizations. Support groups are different from therapy groups in that they are not necessarily run by a licensed mental health professional like those at http://accesscm.org. They are often member run and organized, but some do invite a mental health professional to facilitate the group or to consult about how to make it most helpful.

These groups are especially helpful in the first few months of an illness or disability, as the reality of the situation begins to set in. This is when people tend to feel alone, overwhelmed, and may not know where to turn for information. Such groups can also be very important to people with long lasting or chronic illness, because the ongoing difficulties can otherwise wear on a person’s emotions, motivation and relationships. Sharing your honest feelings with a group of people with similar concerns can help you to feel more emotionally connected and less alone, especially if you’re feeling isolated from friends and family. Continue reading

crazy dangerous south american animals


Despite the fact that only a small number of of the numerous or so kinds of piranha are considered to be unsafe to humans, the red-bellied piranha is one of those. It just so happens to reside in the waterways of South America. Cinema flicks and fables have villianized this sharp-toothed beast — and to some quantity, with reason. The myths range from schools of piranhas utterly devouring the first of a herd of large animals to cross a river to indiscriminate assaults on people.

Piranhas inhabit many of the freshwater streams of South America, swimming in large schools that are attracted by blood and disturbances in the water. Its reported that they only a hazard to human beings if the water levels are low from their river drying. Or perhaps when humans are swimming near places near the shoreline where fish are being skinned and their guts tossed into the water.

For the most part, though, youll be safe from a hit-or-miss attack by a school of ravenous piranhas. Take good care, though, in getting into the waters. The piranha truly is one of the most dangerous south american animals.


This South American monster of a beast is straight out of the films – or your nightmares. Despite the fact that they generally dont grow incredibly large, anacondas have been known to break the scales at over 230 kilograms. It is often considered to be the biggest snake on the planet. You certainly dont want to get trapped unawares with this serpant due to their procedure of attacking and detaining their its next meal.

It is positively a unusual type of snake type as it usually coils around its kill, slowly-but-surely increasing the strain up to the point its victims suffocates. It jaws are powered by muscles that generate sufficient enough strain for its in excess of 100 razor-sharp re-curved fangs to go through the thick skin of an alligator. They do not have poison sacks, only taking advantage of their forceful jaws to capture and keep their prey.

Anacondas commonly prey on any type of animal that it can prevail over, but more often than not they are no threat to humans. Most of the time they would rather to camouflage and rapidly withdraw when people are near.

Poisonous Frogs

The Golden Poison Frog of Central and South America is richly covered by using a strong alkaloid poison. But this is not only any poison! This little frog, not exceeding 55mm in size, packs enough thump to take down a pair of African Bull Elephants dont touch it. Actuality, its poison lining is a lot more life-threatening versus the great sting of a box jellyfish.

This apparently safe frog continues to be known to be a killer of persons who have touched it directly. Its also been confirmed that domestic birds and pet dogs have perished by contacting a paper towel on which a Golden Poison Frog had walked! Bizarre.

As well as the Golden Poison Frog is among the most-harmful South American Animals, it also has other poison frog neighbours. They are also enclosed in the same poison layer, but are not quite as harmful. All in intense hues, they would undoubtedly look relatively easy to capture and touch, but really, stay at a distance.

Its been said that in fact majority of these frogs may appear to possess a sense of their own invincibility. Whereas other jungle animals tend to hide from predators, quite a few unsafe frogs will plainly walk right out on the woodland ground. Its very nearly as if they are daring someone to touch them.

Tips For Cooking And Feeding Foreign Students When Becoming A Host Family For The First Time

It is important to remember that you are in the business of making money when hosting foreign students and so cooking the right meals can mean the difference between making a profit, or a loss.

Make your time work for you by cooking in bulk in advance and freezing or buy carefully chosen frozen meals to whip out at the appointed time. By making a plan for the amount of nights your student is staying you will make the most of your time and be cost efficient.

Always find out in as much advance as possible your students dietary needs; if your student is Muslim they will not eat pork and may require halal meat. Other requirements or needs might be vegetarian, coeliac, lactose intolerant or diabetic. Not to mention dislikes of certain foods.

Most of these could add extra to your grocery shopping bill and so do ask if there are special needs before accepting the student and decide if the rate of pay is acceptable to cover the extra shopping and time taken in preparing the meals.

Get into the habit of checking your list morning and night to keep your plan in shape and remove from the freezer in plenty of time, what you need, to allow for defrosting.

If your student requires a packed lunch as well as an evening meal, keep a look out for special offers on wraps, pitta breads and sliced bread which is reduced. These can be frozen and brought out the evening before to thaw.

Cheese fillings for sandwiches always make good fillings and grated cheese goes further than sliced cheese. Fish smells too strongly after being in a lunch box for several hours, (so unless it is smoked salmon, and remember you are in this business to make money), that won’t be an option! Treat eggs the same as they can also smell strongly. However, eggs make a great sandwich so you may want to run it by your student first.

Sliced ham, beef, chicken and turkey are good options for non-vegetarian sandwiches. Don’t forget to keep a stock of pickles, chutneys, horse radish and mustard in stock to liven them up. Once again, don’t forget to keep a look out during the evening at the supermarket as packs of meat will often freeze.

I tend to steer away from pasta and rice for lunches, as although they are healthy and tasty, they require a fork and ideally something to rest on during the lunch time, which is not always possible.

A fruit yoghurt (ask the night before which flavour by showing your student the choice and don’t forget to pack a small plastic spoon), along with a bag of crisps, a small piece of fruit and a Kit Kat or Penguin bar make the packed lunch or picnic as the French like to call them, complete.

Ask your student to put back into their box what they do not eat and bring it back to you. This is important as you will see what is being consumed and what is not. Question the student about the remains if there are any. Many students have small appetites and there is simply too much food included. Other students may not like the flavour of say particular yoghurt but it can be substituted for another that is welcome. You may find that you have to buy less if you know exactly what your student prefers and if you don’t ask to see the lunch box, it will end up being thrown away, along with your profit.

When cooking main meals, choose ‘complete’ meals which can be cooked and frozen. Lasagne can be cooked as both a meat and vegetarian option and frozen. Spaghetti bolognaise can be cooked using meat or as a vegetarian meal using TVP (textured vegetable protein). Other bulk catering options would be curry, hot pots, shepherds or cottage pie. Using plenty of vegetables around each meal will help to bulk out the plate and is healthier for both the body and the purse.

If you have a deep fat fryer, consider fries and battered fish done in the oven as one meal – with frozen peas. Not the cheapest option but very quick to put together. I use this as my Friday or busiest night meal. Or even the ‘comfort’ meal of the week when I haven’t been organised enough to think of getting anything else out to defrost the night before!

Vegetarian meals can be simple and quick to do and there are now many options on the market. Linda McCartney offers many tasty options and in recent months, if you are in the UK, Morrisons now do an incredibly cheap and very tasty, wide range of burgers, sausages and other tasty morsels; all frozen for last minute convenience.

Generally host families are expected to provide a pudding. Be warned, I have met only one French student who liked jelly! However, the majority seem to enjoy ice cream and I almost always cheated with a bought apple strudel or similar.

Always provide fresh water on the table and almost all students will only drink water plus a morning glass of milk. Older students often want a strong coffee first thing in the morning.

Breakfast tends to be light. Our English breakfast is too fatty and heavy although we usually did this for one breakfast on a weekend. Purely for cultural purposes of course but only the older students appreciate the thought, and experience.

Tip, don’t be too worried if your student eats very little during their stay. British people have large appetites whereas many of our European brothers have very small appetites by comparison.

Delicious Mangalorean And South Indian Recipes

Mangalorean recipes are inspired by South Indian cuisine to a large extent. This cuisine represents the Tulu Nadu region of India and uses lots of coconut milk and spices in curries. The main communities using these recipes are Saraswat Brahmins, Billavas, Mogaveeras, Bunts, Catholics and Beants. The Mangalorean curries involve usage of curry leaves, ginger, garlic and chilies. Some common recipes are spicy fish curry made red with the use of red chillis, kori Rotti which is actually dry rice flakes dipped in rich gravy prepared with spices and Neer dosa which is very fine and lacy crepes of rice batter. Bangude pulimanchi is a typical sea fish called mackerel prepared well with a mixture of subtle spices.

Mangalorean recipes are inspiring for people who want to taste new and exquisite. You can try these in specialized restaurants in the region or prepare it on own. Rice is the staple food of the Mangaloreans and vegetarians stick to the vegetables like jackfruit, breadfruit, sweet cucumber, raw banana, bamboo shoot and Spinach besale while non vegetarians love to eat fish, mutton and pork. Some famous pickles found in this variety of cooking are happala, sandige and puli manchi. Sanna dukra mass is a typical idli variety fluffed with the use of yeast. Other common non vegetarian varieties are mutton biriyani, sorpotel and Pork bafat. Mangaloreans prefer using jiggery made from palms more than sugar in their sweet dishes. They use lot of tamarind, raw mango and kokum in their cooking to bring a sour tinge to mangalorean recipes.

South Indian recipes always delight people loving vegetarian food. People go to this region to taste their specialties like dosa, idli and vada. Give your taste buds different by visiting authentic South Indian restautants in your locality. Plain dosa and masala dosa can be the main food during days and evenings. Vegetable Veda is another nice snack of this category prepared by soaking urad deal for a night and mixing chopped curry leaves, coconut flakes, cabbage cubes, red chilli powder and asafoetida powder. Vegetable of any sort can be used in daal mixture to make khichdi type food. This dish is complete and makes the stomach feel full and happy. South Indians also use lot of curry leaves, mustard seeds, urad daal, asafoetida powder in their cooking.

South Indian recipes go incomplete without sambar and other side servings of several types of dals along with the main dish. Okra is prepared in various forms by the south Indian people like fried form with mustard seeds, okra in tamarind paste with chili powder and tossed with peanuts to make a dry and delicious curry. These people also use coconut in all forms like flakes, grated variety and water in all their dishes to make the taste interesting.

Cuisine Sante International Makes Anyone a 5-Star Chef

Cuisine Sante International sells cookware worldwide. The company advertises that the cookware promotes healthy living via waterless and fatless cooking. We felt that this would have to be some spectacular set of pots and pans. Partly curious and mostly skeptical, we set out to see if Cuisine Sante International could substantiate the claims and live up to the hype. We wanted evidence, so we put the Cuisine Sante International cookware to the test and here are our results.

At first glance, the cookware looks rather ordinary. The Cuisine Sante International cookware that we tested had a deep chrome-like luster and looked like an ordinary set of high-end cookware. We then started to thoroughly inspect the cookware, examining the base construction; lids, handles and all features that Cuisine Sante International claims make such a significant difference in the cooking process. This is what we found.

The cookware has a solid construction. It was more solid than we expected. Overall, Cuisine Sante International cookware is constructed out of the highest quality and the surgical “Chromo-Titanium” makes clean up is a breeze. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended for this product, but the best thing is, you do not need them. The Cuisine Sante cookware cleans easily. All that is needed is soap, water and a sponge.

Instead of screw on handles, which often get loose or lost, the Cuisine Sante International cookware handles are spot-welded. Screws and bolts become loose over time because of the heating and cooling of the cookware. They also provide a hiding spot for germs and bacteria. Cuisine Sante Internationals spot-welded, eliminates those problems.

Cuisine Sante International cookware products are also versatile. Each piece can be used on the range and can go directly into the oven as well and withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. The handles are finely crafted as well. The handles are made out of a new DuPont product that is heat resistant; they stay cool to the touch and theyre guaranteed for life.

The covers are a feature in itself. What normally happens when you open and close the cover? Everyone knows that you lose heat. Most forget that you also lose the natural moisture in the food. Every time you open the cover you lose water and steam. Removing the lid dries out your food. You also lose energy. Cuisine Sante International cookware lids are constructed out of heavy-duty glass. The lid also has a pressure release valve to minimize pressure build up and condensation.

Last but not least, each lid also has a thermometer. It will act as your own personal Chef to guide you throughout the cooking process. Instead of relying upon unreliable cooking times, cooks can heat their foods to the recommended temperature and then they are cooked perfectly. The thermometers are removable so each covers is 100% dishwasher safe.

Overall, Cuisine Sante International cookware lives up to the hype. The claims are believable and one would be challenged to find a set of better-constructed cookware. From the lids to the handles, Cuisine Sante International has succeeded in creating a set of first-class cookware.


Cuisine Sant International products can be found in their signature showrooms across North America. See what makes Cuisine Sant International one of the worlds top cookware companies. Attend a live cooking show at a showroom near you. See the products sand enjoy a delicious healthy cuisine prepared in a fun pressure free environment. Enjoy a great meal and see firsthand why consumers and chefs all over the world have made Cuisine Sant International their preferred cookware. Learn more about Cuisine Sant International. Visit the website at http://www.csil.ca and find a showroom near you.

Better Skin From Within Choosing Nuts & Seeds for Skin Health & Appearance

When you think of better skin, do you think of creams, powders, laser-treatments or masks? Most people do, but those are treatments that only focus on the exterior of the skin. Providing the right cleanliness, sun protection & moisture level to skin while avoiding irritants are all important parts of making your skin look and feel greathowever, have you considered improving your skin from within?

The outside methods arent the only ones you can use to achieve better skin health. By consuming the right foods, you give your body the building blocks it needs to form strong, elastic and healthy skin from the inside out. Your skin is a complex organ requiring proteins, oils, vitamins and minerals in order to look its best. There are cell membranes (formed from fatty acids), collagen, elastin (the fibers that give skin a snap-back quality), cell pigments, and hydration levels to keep an eye on. It sounds complicated, but adding tasty nuts & seeds to the menu can make it easy for you.

Anti-Oxidants what are they & how do they work to save your skin?
Antioxidants are the substances you need to protect yourself from free-radical damage. The best way to get your anti-oxidants, is to eat them. Since you really “are what you eat”, the right foods supply lots of free radical fighters. To learn how both work, you need to know: what are free radicals?
These bad molecules can be a byproduct of normal metabolism. Free radical damage can also be caused by exposure to pollutants in your environment, food or drink. Since your skin is the barrier between you & the outside world it gets exposed to all kinds of threats throughout the day that it fends off. Everyone is exposed to free radicals as a part of daily life, so its important to know what they do and how you can minimize their effects on you.

Free radicals are formed when a molecule has an unpaired electron and becomes unstable. When a molecule is unstable, it will steal an electron from the nearest item it encounters. (usually a cell in your body) Then, the molecule that was robbed becomes a free radical itself, scavenging for a spare electron to use so that it will be stable again. They can damage almost anything they come into contact with, which is why the immune system sometimes creates them, and uses them as a weapon against invaders it deems harmful. Because free radicals can create chain reactions by stealing electrons from the molecules that make up your cells, they can cause inflammation, cell damage, and signs of early aging. Its in your best interest to fight free radicals with anti oxidants.

Omega 3 Oil-
Omega 3 is the oil usually associated with cold water fish and heart health. However, if you dont like fish or are worried about pollutants, the good news is you can get it from plants too. Chia seeds are actually the highest plant source of omega 3s, as well as the easiest, because they dont taste like anything. Unlike sesame or poppy, you can sprinkle chia onto any food you already like to eat, get your omega 3 oil, and not change the flavor at all. This is especially important, as you should try to get some omega 3 oil every day, and using chia helps ensure you wont be bored or quitbecause its too easy to use on such a variety of foods. Flax seeds & walnuts are also a great source for omega 3s, but youll have to like their flavor.

What does omega 3 do for you?
ALA, the simplest of the omega 3s (which your body cannot produce, so you must consume it) has been studied to reduce skin redness & help it retain moisture which, as you know, helps erase fine lines. This oil is important for cell membranes, which are what the cell uses to hold in the proper amount of water. Healthy membranes equal healthy moisture-levels in your cells. Youve seen all the moisturizer commercials, now you can moisten your skin from within.

Vitamin E-
Your body cant make this vitamin, so you have to get it from the foods you eat. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. There are supplements available, but its best to avoid synthetic E, for health purposes. Natural E, like that found in popular foods such as avocados, nuts, chia seeds, mangoes, sweet potatoes and even spinach is your best choice. When you want E, the almond is your top choice of nut. You only need about 15 mg per day for skin healththats a super small amount thats easy to get from food.

Almonds are number one, but if you dont like them, dont worry because apples, tomatoes & hazelnuts (yes your favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread may also have E!) have E as well. E is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means it can only be absorbed by the body if theres a bit of healthy fat around when you eat it. Thats why its a good idea to make sure theres a healthy fat around when you eat tomato, spinach, sweet potato or apple. The other foods on the list like almonds, peanuts, and avocados already provide their own healthy plant fats, so you dont need to combine them with anything else to get your E.

This mineral is an anti-inflammatory. You already know that excessive inflammation is no good for skin, but zinc has been studied to help accelerate the renewal of skin cells when theres a damaged cell. This is important for the look of skin because outside influences like UV rays from the sun & pollution in the air can cause skin damage or irritation. Zinc also powers up the immune systems T-Cells which fight off threats like bacteria or viruses that would try to hurt your skin. It has been studied to help fight acne & skin problems in general, helping them heal faster when theres enough zinc available in the body.

Most plant-sourced zinc is difficult for your body to use. Its abundant in red meat & fish, but what if youre a vegetarian? Its in eggs too, as well as some fortified milks & cereals. Pumpkin seeds, chia, sesame, lentils (beans are also seeds), cashews & quinoa all have plant based zinc. Keep in mind that plant based zinc is less bio-available than zinc in red meat, fish, shellfish and shrimp, although the topic of soaking seeds is being researched to increase bio-availability of the zinc. Always ask a doctor if you should supplement (zinc vitamins are inexpensive & tiny) especially if you have a skin condition youd like to fight.

You already know fiber benefits your digestion & cholesterol levels, but did you know it can benefit your skin too? Fiber, especially soluble fiber, helps to slow down the bodys conversion of carbohydrates into sugars. This reduces insulin spikes, which in turn, reduces inflammation. Inflammation (specifically repeated episodes of it) affects most skin conditions AND how skin ages. Keep inflammation down to keep your skin looking fresh.

Foods that spike insulin include sugars & white flour (a starch that changes into sugar right away during digestion) Foods that are high in white flour or sugar are usually also low or 0 fiber foods. Keep your insulin levels even for steady energy & reduced inflammation by eating fiber rich foods at every meal. Beans are a type of seed, but no one wants black beans or split peas at breakfast. Oatmeal & bran are 2 good options at breakfast, especially if you consider all the fun, fast new ways to make oatmeal tasty. What about yogurt? Or smoothies? The chia seed has 2 kinds of fiber to help you: soluble & insoluble. In the case of low-fiber yogurt, a spoon-full of chia transforms it into a high fiber snack without changing the flavor.

Magnesium –
Magnesium works together with two other minerals to improve over-all health as well as skin health. It aids in the absorption of calcium, especially when paired with the trace mineral boron. The chia seed has all 3 of these minerals in one tiny package. Magnesium is essential for enzymes that repair skin cell DNA and for regulating the proper amount of fatty acids to help build healthy cell walls. It also may reduce histamine-driven skin allergies.
You can supplement with magnesium pills, but a healthy menu can easily include magnesium rich foods so your body can naturally absorb this healthy mineral. Dark leafy greens are #1 for magnesium, but Brazil-nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and lentils are also a good source. Brazil nuts may not be that common, but sunflower seeds can add great crunch to salads, lentils are great in soups & stews, and tahini (sesame seed paste) is an interesting ingredient to spice up recipes.

Protein –
Most people think of protein for muscle building, exercise improvement or weight loss, but, its essential for healthy, younger looking skin. There are 20 amino acids you need for good health. Your body can make all of them except for 9. These 9 acids you need to consume in the foods you eat, which is where the term complete protein comes from. Your body transforms the amino acids into proteins for faster & healthier fingernail growth, hearty hair follicles, and resilient skin. Collagen & elastin are protein based fibers that give skin its bounce-back elastic quality for a youthful look.

Quinoa (a grain), chia (which has complete protein, like that in meat), peanut butter, hemp seeds, soy (but watch out for plant estrogens), black beans with rice (wild or not) and spirulina are all rich in protein. Of course, meat, eggs & milk have it too. Enough protein will combat bags under the eyes, as well as help balance blood sugar because it is metabolized slowly.

A varied meal plan with lots of colorful healthy plant foods enriches your health and your skinbut did you notice the one seed that falls into every category for skin-health related nutrients? Only the chia seed fits in near the top of each category. Its also the only item without a flavor of its own. The value of chia lies in its ability to be added to almost any other food youre already enjoying without changing the flavor. The tiny, unobtrusive seed can be used at every meal to boost your skin & overall health.

Chemicals in Our Breakfast Cereal

When sitting down to eat breakfast, cereal lovers are unknowingly eating a chemical called 2-methylnapthalene. It is a petrochemical that is, “a constituent of petroleum, automobile exhaustwaste water from coal gasification, coke and shale oil production” as well as other strange sources. What is such a chemical doing in Kellogg cereals such as Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Honey Smacks and Corn Pops? This chemical is released from the wax paper liners holding the cereal, and may be caused by sealing the wax paper with heat; this can cause the cereal to absorb the chemicals.

The FDA received numerous complaints from consumers who said that they could taste and smell the chemical in their cereal; some even complained of feeling sick.

In June 2010 twenty-eight million boxes of Kellogg cereal were recalled by the cereal company as the FDA started an investigation. The FDA inquired as to what went wrong. Kellogg explained that the chemical can go into the cereal from the wax paper liners. After that quick explanation, the FDA ended their investigation. The FDA overlooked an important question in its investigation; how toxic is 2-methylnaphthalene to humans?

The Toxicity of Methylnaphthalene is Unknown Methylnaphthalene is one of thousands of chemicals that are presumed safe under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, almost all of which have not been tested for human safety. Doctors do not even know how to treat people who are exposed to such chemicals.

What You Can Do

It seems that almost all food packaging materials pose some sort of health risk, even the aluminum in soda cans and the plastics used for deli meats. Glass is the best material. Glass is completely safe and does not leak any dangerous chemicals into your food; however, it is expensive and is breakable.

Cannot Rely on the FDA

We cannot rely on the FDA to protect our health; we have to take action ourselves. Here are a few breakfast suggestions that are safe and simple:
Make your own granola and eat it with rice milk or almond milk.
Make hot cereal (please choose the organic varieties) such as cream of rice, oatmeal, barley flakes, and quinoa.
Eat fresh fruit with some nuts.
Eat dinner leftovers. The Best Breakfast For You

In order to determine which breakfast is best for you, get tested for food sensitivities.

Restaurant Decor – A Customer Attraction Measure for Restaurants

A Restaurant is the best defined as a place where food, drink and desserts are prepared for the customers as per their taste and served to them in return for money. The restaurant serves specialty cuisines of the main Chef. The meals are served and eaten at the premises of the restaurant itself. Many restaurants offer the facility of take away food and home delivery services. The Restaurant Dcor varies in looks and themes.

Every restaurant specializes in different types of foods i.e. Vegetarian, Non – vegetarian, Sea food, ethnic food, Chinese, Thai, Continental etc. The restaurant regulations vary from place to place. The restaurants are often prohibited from serving Alcohol unless and until with a proper license. Few restaurants gives the permission to bring own alcohol to the customers.

Opening up a restaurant is a very brave and exciting venture. When the restaurant is opened up newly there is a huge rush of customers due to curiosity to taste the food and also experience the services of the restaurant. Nowadays the customers also focus on the ambience of the restaurant. Hence the Restaurant Dcor plays a very important role in retaining the customers. Some of the tips to be taken care while designing the restaurant are as follows:

1. The first step is to decide what type of dcor you require for your restaurant. The restaurant owner should plan whether they would want a simple dcor or a high end dcor for the restaurant. Ideally the decor should be very welcoming. Another aspect that is to be taken care is the location of the restaurant, photographs that is to be put up at the restaurant.

2. The next step is to decide a theme for the restaurant. For e.g. an Italian restaurant would have a romantic theme. Make sure to paint the walls of the restaurant that goes along with the theme. The colors used should be such that it increases the appetite of the customers. The experts suggest that the red and yellow colors are very mouth watering.

3. The third and final step is to choose the accessories for the restaurant. The accessories should be chosen in such manner that it supports the theme of the restaurant.

The designing of the restaurant is equally important as much as the food. The restaurant should have a beautiful dcor to attract the customers. No one would like to dine in a boring and bland atmosphere. The experts suggest that the restaurant should have beautiful paintings of valleys, vineyards. The mood of the restaurant should be maintained. In case you plan to run a sports bar play a peppy music which will get the customers in a lively mood. A floor plan also should be decided so that the tables and chair do not crowd up.

Restaurantdesigna is a restaurant interior designer based in Walnut Creek,California. Our portfolio shows great restaurant design ideas to create a better dining experience for customers. To get more restaurant decor information browse our website

How to to Cook Biskuti Ya Nazi Recipe

Those who love dessert recipes will agree with me that Biskuti ya Nazi is one the best dessert recipes in Kenya. I have tasted and enjoyed it and I wish to teach you how to make it.

Some of our African recipes are less known by the outside word and for that matter we see it as our responsibility to show the world how to make these Africa recipes.

In a place like Mombasa and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania Biskuti ya nazi is highy regarded as the best food to serve your guest and on this page we will give you the engredients and methods to make it.


Three egg whites

One cup granulated sugar

Two and a half cups desiccated coconut

One cup macadamia nuts or cashew nuts, finely chopped


1. Preheat the oven to 350F.

2. Lightly grease two baking sheets.

3. In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer on high, beat egg whites into soft peaks.

4. Gradually add the Sugar, beating after each addition until peaks are glossy.

5. Fold in the coconut and nuts.

6. With wet hands, roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into rounds and set on baking sheets.

7. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until lightly golden.

8. Cool on racks and store in an airtight container.

Though it may sound strange to you if you are not from East Africa, Biskuti ya Nazi recipe is one of the food recipes you should learn to make for your family.

Who said that you dont how to cook? Having been born from a family of many girls, I was not supposed to cook when all my sisters are present but when I joined work and start to live on my own, thats when cooking lessons became a reality.

Of course not every person like cooking but for those who enjoy to explore new foods and have the taste for delicious yummy yummy, this recipe in a must not miss.

Your Destiny Is Shaped By Your Decisions

Decisions are forming your destiny every moment. Your decisions are causes set in action. The minute your eyes open until they close again you are creating choices. Everything that happens in life both the exciting and the difficult began someplace with a decision. According to Anthony Robbins:

‘It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped’

How are you shaping your destiny today? What decisions have you made to get you where you are today and what choices are you making today to give you a better tomorrow?

You may be thinking but I didn’t make any decisions to get me to where I am now.I didn’t decide this for myself. Guess what, not making a decision is a decision. And because of that non-decision of yours,your life is decided for you by someone else which always is never going to result in your best interest.

It is the decisions not the conditions of your life that determine your destiny. What are you deciding to do about your future? What are you deciding to do about the frustrations and tragedies of your past and present? An inspiring speaker, Neal Peterson, who I had the pleasure of hearing speak His decision was that just because he was black in apartheid South Africa, poor and disabled didn’t mean he could not live his true potential. He decided these things would not curb him but would in fact be an asset in his life. What happened as a result? He sailed solo around the world in a rich man’s sport in a homemade boat against all odds.

There is a substantial distinction in being interested in something and being committed to it. Statements such as “I’d really like to make more money” or “I’d like to make a difference” or “I’d like to be closer to my kids,” or “I’d like to give up smoking” is just stating a preference. These statements are very weak and hold no power. The power comes when you decide to be committed.

I wanted to be a vegetarian for many years but it never happened as I was just stating a preference with no real committment. And then one evening something triggered and I made a decision. It was “That’s it from this day forward I am a vegetarian.” There was the decision, the commitment and for 4 years now I have not consumed meat. And it was so easy. I don’t miss it a bit and never did from the moment I took the power back and made a committed decision. The power of decision gives you the ability to get past any reason to transform any and every part of your life in an instant.

The word ‘decision’ actually comes from the Latin root meaning to ‘cut off from’ Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility. This kind of clarity gives you such power. You can stop smoking, drinking, overeating, gambling or whatever it is that needs to change in an instant with one simple decision.

Right now you can make a decision. If you truly decide to you can do almost anything. Start by proclaiming ‘This is who I am and what my life is all about. Nothing will stop me from achieving my destiny. This is what I am going to do and I won’t be denied.” That there is a committed decision.

Make a committed decision today and change your destiny.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan – Sure-fire Fat Loss Formula For Vegetarians

It’s not so nice to grow fat as a vegetarian. You’re supposed to show to the world that leading a vegetarian lifestyle is healthy and so you guys should come join me eating vegetarian to stop animal killing and save the planet from global warming. However, there are several weight gain triggers that can strike you silently without your knowledge. Boom, all of a sudden, you realize you’ve unknowingly become an overweight vegetarian.

In fact, weight gain doesn’t come overnight unless you suddenly experience a serious hormonal imbalance or terrible metabolic disorder. This is the type of people (less than 1% of the world population) who can only lose weight via surgery or undergo special medications.

Normal people like you and me, who when eat the wrong way gain weight and when eat right will lose weight, can be cured with this proven vegetarian weight loss diet plan, which is:

Vegetarian weight loss diet + full bodyweight fat-burning workouts

That’s it. This is a winning fat loss formula for vegetarians regardless of what triggers your weight gain (except for that less than 1 % I just mentioned earlier). So, what’s inside the vegetarian weight loss diet and the fat-burning workouts that make them so effective? Let me show you a sample of what you should eat for a day and what exercises to do to give you a better picture.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

In your vegetarian weight loss diet plan, you should prepare at least 5 meals to help sustain your activities throughout the day. More meals but having smaller portion will help kick start your metabolism to burn more calories. Here’s a sample meal plan for a day.

Breakfast: Rolled oats sprinkled with your favorite berries, unsweetened apple juice, pistachio nuts and sesame seeds. To prepare for a hard day’s work, you can boost the power in your morning meal with a veggie smoothie blended from 1 celery stalk, 2 tomatoes, cranberries, milled flaxseeds and virgin coconut oil.

Morning Snack: Mixed fresh fruits containing watermelon, strawberries, honeydew and grapefruit.

Lunch: Portobello mushroom burger. One pan-seared Portobello mushroom (10 cm or 4 inches in diameter) topped with julienne cucumbers and juicy cherry tomatoes. Add some alfalfa sprouts to increase the vegetable ratio for greater fullness, then flavored with vegan mayonnaise or vegan basil pesto or curried lentils sauce. Sandwich this delicious filling between 2 slices of wholegrain breads. Pair this mouthwatering veggie burger with a glass of unsweetened oat or almond milk.

(You can easily prepare these burger ingredients in advance before leaving for work or do it the night before. Then store the mushrooms, raw veggies and sauce separately in air-tight containers to avoid them from turning soggy. Do the stuffing when you’re ready to eat.)

Afternoon Snack: Mixed nuts or mixed fruits that’ll fill you up to about 30 – 40%.

Dinner: Rainbow salad made from mixing shredded apple, shredded beets, firm tofu, lettuce, dried apricots, dried cranberries and your favorite pasta cooked al dente. Mix 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice as dressing.

Tip: You’re free to alter the ingredients used and their quantity in this meal plan to suit your palate and needs to obtain best results.

The whole idea of this meal plan is to keep your stomach occupied so it’ll not request for more food. Any surge in activities will lead your body to go to your fat stores to extract energy for use. You burn fat off your fat deposits as a result.

That’s how people lose weight due to true fat loss, not water loss. And as a vegetarian, you’ll probably experience quicker fat loss effect since you got less toxins jammed inside your fat cells.

Fat-Burning Workouts for Vegetarian Weight Loss

Remember, you should always eat nutritiously in order to have plenty of energy to fuel your exercises. That’s the reason why your vegetarian weight loss meal plan is covered with so much quality ingredients. And you should follow that pattern but mixed with different ingredients to avoid boredom and hitting a weight loss plateau.

So now, what exercises and what’s the best time to execute the workouts to maximize fat loss?

Best time is morning before 7 A.M. And you need not perform 30 minutes or 1 hour to burn more fat. Just a 10 – 15-minute workout will do. What kind of exercises?

Bodyweight exercises such as pushups, bicycle crunch, lying hip extension, spiderman climbs, step-up, prisoner forward lunge, prisoner squat, jumping jacks. These workouts are extremely powerful on overall body fat loss. You want to lose belly fat, burn thighs fat, this is it!

There you have it, a sure-fire vegetarian weight loss diet plan that ANY vegetarian can succeed, only when you put it into full action.